The Silver Snails Re-release their debut album, 'The 7 Melodies'


In an effort to introduce their music to a new global audience while preparing the ground for touring and the release of a new LP, The Silver Snails are proud to announce they are re-releasing their debut offering, 'The 7 Melodies' with professional distribution provided by Creative Entertainment Network (CEN).

Lovingly crafted and recorded in Italy over several years, 'The 7 Melodies' are intended as a love letter to the human family, and are thus multi-lingual, incorporating English, Italian, and French with touches of Mandarin and Sanskrit, and inflected with musical and cultural influences from around the world. Like 7 colors of the spectrum, each song is shaded by a different frequency of emotion, with its own footprint of musical and cultural references. Though stylistically adventurous, the songs are firmly rooted in post-Beatles pop rock. The intended 'effect' of the music is to inspire, delight, comfort, console, energize, and elevate, unlocking joy and unleashing magic in the lives of those who listen. 

'The 7 Melodies' come come with a video complement of 4 original music videos, written and produced by The Silver Snails in and around their home near Cesena, Italy, as well as backstage and live concert videos created in tandem. The Silver Snails are currently planning a US tour in 2019 as well as new audio and video releases in the pipeline.

🐌 From Lucas Ward:

“We highly encourage and appreciate those interested to check out our videos on YouTube and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also stream 'The 7 Melodies' on Spotify and other major channels. Please enjoy and tell your friends...

We so grateful for your interest and support! Grazie!

-£ove, £ucas 🌈”

Nicole Cobb