- 'Ave Maria A Zio Virgilio' Video Premiere

“ is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Ave Maria A Zio Virgilio' by The Silver Snails.

The Silver Snails are a band with a goal (to create the world’s finest pop rock) and a mission (to open human hearts through sound, light, and word) as lofty as they come. Their uncompromising, hands-on approach to quality and craftsmanship resonates across their media and branding. An Italo-US joint venture between lead singer Lucas Ward and his wife Elisa Fantini, The Silver Snails take inspiration from the family’s rustic backdrop in the wine country of Romagna, Italy, yet fashion a contemporary, artisanal pop rock for a global audience, like a fine silk tie from a Florentine fashion house."

Nicole Cobb