Pop Dust Premiere - The Silver Snails Go 'Dancing With The Stars'

“‘Dancing With The Stars’” opens with chimes and emerging synths flowing into a pop-rock tune driven by keyboards and a light guitar. Scintillating colors swirl and whirl on dreamy, cosmic wings as the potent bassline adds gravitational pull, infusing the song with a robust rhythm.

Ward's dulcet, warm tenor floats above the melody with just the right amount of projection. It's proximate, yet not overwhelming, complementing the harmonics rather than dominating. Shimmering vocal harmonies, gossamer with elegance, imbue the tune with ethereal radiance. The mood and feel of the music constitutes a musical confection full of charming allure.

The video, directed by Filippo Giovannini, is a trip. Opening with an astronomer gazing at the heavens through his telescope, the visuals shift to a glittering galactic theme replete with sparkling, shiny makeup and baroque costumes, like the court of Louis XIV transported to an interstellar location. And wait for it – the video closes with Ward playing the renowned five-note progression from Close Encounters of The Third Kind.”

Nicole Cobb